Saturday, May 31, 2008

Limerick goes to Arlington Park!

Seriously, this mare's name is South Beach Luv and she looks almost exactly like Limerick. The height, body type, and coat color are the same, and the head is almost the same. And that blaze!

I bet on her to show but she won. Hooray for little Thoroughbreds! She was in a claiming race; beforehand, I told my husband to put a claim on her. After the race, I said, "We could be owning her now!"

I bet on three other races and picked the winner in two of them.

I think racing-fit Thoroughbreds are the most beautiful animals in the world. Early in our visit, I was standing by the paddock fence, ice cream cone in hand, waiting for the Thoroughbreds coming off the track to emerge from the tunnel. I was about to bite into my ice cream when the first horse emerged. I felt my jaw drop open. Sweat lathered his brilliant black coat and he snorted and danced sideways in that elegant way that only racing Thoroughbreds do, muscles taunt and powerful. Boy, are those horses gorgeous!

Some more photographs:

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