Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy, busy, busy--Lim's eye and a new jewelry shop

A lot has happened since I last posted. In late January, I noticed Limerick had a small growth on her eye. It is subtle, but I did notice it. I took photos and emailed them to my vet.

In the photo, you can see what looks like a tiny faraway nebula in outer space on the outer corner of her eye. As you can see, it's only visible when she looks forward.

My vet responded stating that she does not want to make a diagnosis (which is understandable; it's not very professional to do so over email) but that we need to monitor the growth closely. After further discussion I learned that if the growth gets larger, Limerick will need to be referred to an equine hospital for biopsy/removal of the growth, and due to the location she will need general anesthesia.

I am not freaking out over this--hardly. I know she will be fine, especially since I caught it early. But due to the potential for large vet bills in my future, I was spurred to take my jewelry-making hobby a step further and open a jewelry shop on etsy.

It just went up recently and so far, since jewelry is already a heavily saturated market, I am just trying to market my shop as best as I can. You can check it out here: Heidi Carpenter Designs and also check out the Facebook page I made for my shop.

I also plan to start a blog about my jewelry making, and will post the link once I do so!