Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to my husband!

Today is my husband's birthday...I usually spend a little and treat him on his birthday but I couldn't afford that this year. I did do my annual birthday baking though--I made peanut butter brownies.

May 12th is the only time I will touch an oven (cleaning it doesn't count!).

I rode Limerick in her new Stubben Golden Wings bit today. She seemed to like it, normally she has a neutral expression when I slip the bit into her mouth. Today her ears pricked and she seemed to be thinking, "Hmm, this is different!"

Stubben Golden Wings Snaffle

It looks flashy!

I dropped my stirrups for a good chunk of the ride. There was some sort of activity/commotion just out of sight by the barn owner's house (which is visible from the outdoor arena) and Limerick would raise her head up high and stare at that area every time we went by. So I may have been asking for trouble by dropping my stirrups but I trusted Limerick to behave herself and she did.

I got a reminder of the reason I don't ride without stirrups very much anymore--my IUD doesn't like it! I got killer cramps for a good while after the ride. It was worth it though; I love riding without stirrups.

Before I forget, I took Limerick on the trail again on Saturday. We went with two steady-eddy seasoned trail horses. Lim looked at every single thing we went by--bikers, tree stumps, dog walkers, boulders, joggers, low tree branches, walkers, clusters of tall grass, and the cherry on top--two massive draft horses pulling a wagon full of straw at the Danada Equestrian Center. Limerick had never seen a draft horse nor a wagon, much less the two combined. But she just stood there and watched them, more curious than anything.

Wide-eyed and ears pricked (at one point, one of the women turned around on her horse, looked at Limerick, and laughed "Her eyes are huuuuge!"), Lim took in everything. But she wasn't tense or nervous at all, with one exception.

Near the end of the ride, she decided that a sapling anchored to the ground with some strips of white webbing was the scariest thing we had seen and was reluctant to go close to it. But she didn't spook.

I'm very proud of her!! Our second trail ride ever at the new barn and this one was the true test. The first trail ride was on a chilly day and no one else was on the trail....and Limerick's boyfriend, Nick, was with us so I'm sure that helped keep her calm.

I wanted to write more but it's getting late and I'm tired. I was kind of depressed earlier today about the difficulty I'm having finding a job. I haven't heard back from the woman I requested an appointment with at the Center of Independent Living, either. I usually keep my chin up but it's hard to do that 24/7. I'm also beginning to wonder if the references I had (all professional) suck. I know one would give glowing reviews of me for sure, but she hasn't been with my former employer for long. As for the other two--I just don't know about them anymore.

Anyway, Limerick has another photo shoot tomorrow. My brother, Rob, and his girlfriend are driving up from Bloomington-Normal (where they attend Illinois State U) to take Limerick's portrait. I'm going to have Rob print out some nice, large photographs so I can frame them. Nick's owner is stopping by too so Rob can get some shots of Nick and Lim together. It should be fun.

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