Thursday, July 9, 2015

Articles about American Pharoah on Racing Reviewer

If you were wondering what my thoughts were on this year's Triple Crown winner, then take a look at the racing pieces I wrote for Racing Reviewer.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Death of Joey & general update on Lim

A couple years ago I wrote a post about Lim's then-boyfriend, Joey.  A few months after that post, Joey's owners opted to move him to pasture board. He had a hard time adjusting to the change and lost weight rapidly. 

A good friend of a pasture boarder, Barb, took pity upon Joey and, with his owner's blessing, took him under her wing as if he were her own horse. With her love and care, he gained weight and had a spark in his eye. But, always burdened by the toll of old injuries, the damage was done to Joey's hind end and he had a hard time moving quickly.

On Sunday July 5, Joey no longer had to worry about keeping up with the herd as they traveled to the lush grass of the front pasture. He no longer had to worry about the brutal winters blanketing Chicagoland in recent years. With Barb by his side, he was put to sleep.

Limerick was walked over to his body to say goodbye to an old friend.

Lim and Joey, summer 2012

Limerick has been okay aside from some vague hind end lameness, not unlike what she had in 2013. I think the soreness was a compensation injury from having sore front feet. Unfortunately, it appears my farrier's handiwork--and professional courtesy--have gone downhill in recent months. So I found another farrier and am hoping that he can do great things for Lim's feet. 

In the meantime, while Lim's feet grow out a bit, my vet okayed her being put on a month of Previcox. I also scheduled a session with the equine massage therapist and an equine chiropractor, Sig Hansen, adjusted her. He will adjust her again in a couple weeks, and again in August, to ensure that her body is nicely aligned. I lunged Lim last week to gauge her progress and she is, happily, sound!

Unfortunately I can't ride her for another reason. On June 25, the day before I was to leave on a solo drive to Kentucky, someone (I have my suspicions as to who) took a great big bite out of poor Lim's back.


I've had her for over 19 years and have never seen a bite like this. And from the comments of a few other seasoned horse folks, many of them haven't seen one this bad, either. 

Luckily it's healing nicely but since it's smack in the middle of her back, right on her spine, there is no way I can ride her until it's at least 97% healed. 

Such is horses. Such is life.

Day 1, after hosing.

Day 2, after hosing (many thanks to my husband for tending to Lim while I was gone the following day!)

One week later. Looking good so far.