Tuesday, May 27, 2008


From a taste of July yesterday to memories of March today. It's cold out there!

No riding today; I am very tired. I feel run down; must be the weather. I managed to clean the apartment but once I was done, that was it.

I did go to the barn. Lim's new Smartpaks arrived today so I took the 1.5 mile drive to the stable so I could put the new Smartpaks in the bucket on her stall door and say hello to her.

She is so good for me. Before I walked into that barn, I was tired and cranky. But as soon as I saw her, I broke into a smile. She watched me walk to her stall, head and ears up, nostrils slightly flared in a nicker. Unfortunately, I can't hear her nicker from afar but I can tell when she talks to me by reading her expressions.

I gave her a miniature candy cane. I had a ziplock bag of Christmas horse treats in my tack trunk and that was the last of them. She munched it happily and her breath smelled pleasantly of horse and peppermint.

What is it about these animals that makes us feel so good? Well, I can answer that, but that would be a whole other blog. I'll write it someday, maybe.

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