Monday, July 21, 2014

Dharma (Oil Money's Dream) at her first show

I visited with Dharma and her owner at their first show together yesterday. Of course, my camera came with! It was wonderful to see Dharma again. She looks beautiful and was relaxed and happy at the show. She clearly loves jumping and she and her owner made a wonderful team.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Horse Racing Nation: Million Preview Day at Arlington Park in Photos

On Saturday, Arlington Park hosted Million Preview Day and as usual the horses were the stars of the show. But this year their brilliance was nearly eclipsed by that of jockey Florent Geroux, who won three of the four stakes races of the day. 

The aptly-named Million Preview Day showcases four Grade III turf races: the Arlington Handicap, the Stars and Stripes Stakes, the American Derby, and the Modesty Handicap, which is a prep race for next month's Grade I Beverly D. Stakes on Arlington Million day.

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A massage and a fitness plan

Limerick had a busy week. On Monday, Christine rode her in order to evaluate her fitness level and determine if she has any muscle imbalances. She suggested that I start riding Limerick three days a week and slowly increase the amount of time at each gait, particularly the walk. She also noted that the left side of Limerick's neck is tense, which may partly be due to scar tissue in the neck from the abscess she had last November.

Then yesterday, Lim had another massage session. She was much more relaxed this time and rather enjoyed it.


"What? There were carrots in here, I had to do it!"

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Wednesday from Limerick

My husband took this photo the other night while I was scratching Lim's itchy spots.

The bugs have been horrific thanks to all the moisture and she isn't dealing with them too well. On Monday, we received a few more inches of rain from a double-whammy storm system that spawned a few EF-1 tornadoes in the region so unfortunately for everyone, the bugs will be hanging around for a while longer.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Back to riding and so far, so good...

A beautiful post-storm sunset (and a soaked outdoor arena).

...knock on wood!  I resumed riding Limerick regularly the week of the Kentucky Derby. I have ridden her an average of twice a week since that time, all in the indoor arena.

I don't remember the last time I rode her regularly. It was probably late last summer, before the avalanche of problems and snow of fall and winter. This means she is out of shape, and given her age--23--I have been easing her back into regular work very slowly. My primary focus for now is getting her to move forward nicely and use her back. That's it--no fancy footwork.

Since the insects are bad and she can get worked up in the outdoor arena during the first few rides there, I have not yet ridden in that big sandy oval and I am really missing it! The indoor arena is okay but it's small, spooky, and full of endlessly squawking pigeons and starlings. And frankly, boring.

I was going to ride in the outdoor arena this evening but isolated thunderstorms moved through earlier, drenching the area yet again, so it's probably an unusable quagmire. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dental appointment today

Limerick had her annual dental appointment today. After her teeth were done, I waited for her to wake up then gave her a liniment bath, which she greatly enjoyed.

A wicked storm rolled through an hour later and I sat outside the barn for a while and watched it pass by.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Limerick rolling (but not bucking)

In April, Miss Lim demonstrated the roll-n-buck combo, a favorite of feisty horses of all ages.

The other night she demonstrated the leisurely get-the-bugs-off-me roll, and I was there to get a video. I think the fact she managed to turn herself 100 degrees without getting up is pretty impressive.