Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The perfect end to a phenomenal career

Zenyatta finally did it--she won the coveted Horse of the Year award. Like last year's HoTY "race" against Rachel Alexandra, this year's was just as hot. Blame, Zenyatta, Blame, Zenyatta--who would get it? Who deserved it? Who earned it? The debates raged throughout internet forums and blogs.

But in the end, the Queen won. My husband I watched the Eclipse Awards ceremony on television last night and funny enough, in the final handful of seconds before they announced the winner, I just knew, without a doubt, that Zenyatta had won. I don't know what sparked it or why, but the feeling was strong and suddenly there.

Congratulations to Jerry and Ann Moss, two of the kindest, most generous Thoroughbred owners in the sport. Watching them press their faces together in tearful elation after Zenyatta's name was announced brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to them a thousand times over!