Monday, May 26, 2008

Double yikes

I just had my "fortune" hastily typed out on a message board I go to and it sucked--according to it, I'll find a job I'm happy with in September/October. I hope it doesn't take THAT long!

And, I also found out that new insurance policies often refuse to cover a pre-existing condition. Is being a skin cancer risk considered a pre-existing condition? I need to get my entire hide scanned twice a year. I had basal cell removed from my forehead in 2007 and a mole that was pre-cancerous for melanoma removed from my ribs in January of this year. There are a few other spots that my dermatologist was keeping an eye on.

If I don't actually have diagnosed skin cancer at a given moment, and I adopt a new health insurance policy during that moment, will my skin issues be considered a pre-existing condition?

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barrelracingmom said...

I am by no means an expert, but a lot of large businesses have group health insurance policies do not have any pre-existing clauses. Smaller businesses tend to offer insurance that do want to know about pre-existing conditions. So I guess you'll have to see what are the insurance guidelines of the place you get a job. Oh, and love your blog, too!!