Monday, August 22, 2011

No birthday ride for me--bummer!

Today is my 31st birthday (or as Miss Lim may say, I was foaled 31 years ago today...and if you ask my mom, I was nearly as large as a foal when I was born).

I had a birthday ride planned/hoped for, but alas, it is not meant to be...Limerick lost a shoe yesterday. But this time she didn't take out massive chunks of hoof along with it so that's something to be happy about. The farrier is already scheduled for Thursday, so I will just wait until then to have it taken care of.

I did ride her last Thursday with an audience composed of my parents and a family friend from the UK. Lim was great--very calm yet playful at predictable times, and she moved so, so, so! well! My dad told me she looks wonderful for her age and I agree.

I just wish her dapples would come back--they disappeared shortly after she colicked (and lost 100+ pounds). The weight is back but the dapples are not. Hopefully they make an appearance when her winter coat begins to grow in.

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