Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barefoot horse....and farrier out of commission.

Well, I opened this window to compose a blog about Limerick being barefoot for two weeks as of August 25. But now situations are a little worse than I thought.

Long story short, Limerick lost both shoes last week before her farrier appointment. The farrier said that set us back to square one, and instead of putting shoes back on to her thin hoof wall, he decided to let her go barefoot for two weeks and grow back a bit of hoof, then re-shoe her.

We both didn't like the idea but knew there was no choice. I had hoof boots so the plan was to leave her barefoot and monitor her, and if she seemed sore then I would put the boots on.

Well, last night, she was sore. She was okay before that, but definitely sore last night. So on went the boots.

And today I found out my farrier is injured and out of commission for a few weeks. Ohhh noooooooo! I need to find a new guy to shoe Lim temporarily. I hate foot-related issues with her...they are so stressful.

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Anonymous said...

i hear yeah, its just a PAIN