Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Heat wave

We're in the first true heat wave of the year (with a "feels like" temperature of over 100 degrees). I knew it was coming when I felt the hot winds blowing in from the southwest last night as I left work.

When I got to the barn, I checked Lim and although she was dry, I could tell she had been sweating so I took her down to the hose to be rinsed off.

After a lot of pawing at the water and diving for patches of grass nearby (what happened to the posts holding the crossties?! They're gone!), I got her cooled down. We then went over to the outdoor arena so she could roll in the sand, then back to her stall with fresh hay and the fan turned on.

Her next ride is scheduled for tomorrow evening and I'm hoping it is cooler by then--if not, I will still ride but take it really easy. I am determined to make riding a habit--and if we only walk one day, then so be it!

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