Friday, March 13, 2015

Using a Game Ready unit for the first time

After a long brutal stretch of cold air and endless crusty snow cover, spring has abruptly arrived. And even better—we have been rewarded with warm air and sunny skies rather than the lukewarm torrential rains that typically mark the end of winter.

But no matter how Mother Nature brings it about, the end of winter always signals lots of mud, frisky horses, and injuries. 

Despite being a dignified lady of near-24, Limerick is not exempt from this annual rite of passage. I took a quick jaunt to New Orleans last week and my first stop from O’Hare was the barn, where I found my girl wounded (of course—it seems like most of her injuries are discovered by me upon returning from a trip). 

Blood had cascaded from a mystery wound down the white sock of her right fore pastern. I could not see the wound clearly, even by the light from my phone’s flashlight. Since she was sound and comfortable, and the wound wasn’t grotesquely swollen or hot, and it was very late, very cold, and very dark, I decided to leave the dried blood as a natural bandage of sorts and visit her again the next morning.

The wound turned out to look much worse than it really was, but it still required attention. So thus began a twice-daily routine of cold hosing and/or icing. 

Then Christine suggested we try her Game Ready machine on Lim’s legs. Lim has never used it but what better time to try? It applies both compression and cold therapies simultaneously, and I was impressed with the condition of the injury after 35 minutes with the Game Ready. 

If you have horses, I highly suggest looking into one of these units. 

Using the Game Ready.

It was back to turnout--and her boyfriend, Call Shot--after the Game Ready session.

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