Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Before and after: a grooming saga

Mud, mud, mud everywhere. Yet it's too cold to give your horse a bath. The months of March and April can really test your horse grooming skills.
Yesterday a friend sent me a photo of Lim in turnout. My darling mare looked adorable, of course, but boy was she dirty! It was time for a deep grooming session, which can be fun when you have a quirky mare.

First I used a metal curry to remove all the mud and loose hair. She dozed off during this section. Next, I used a double-sided rubber curry (one side has large nubs and the other side has fine ones) to curry her hair and skin. She didn't doze off during this section, but she stood patiently. Next I used a stiff body brush to whisk away dust and loose dirt. She eyeballed me during this section but made no complaints otherwise. Lastly, I sprayed Vetrolin Shine onto a horsehair finishing body brush to complete the body grooming session. She pinned her ears and let me know she wasn't too pleased with this delicate brush. 

Next I sprayed her tail and mane liberally with Vetrolin Shine. I then brushed her tail out, from bottom to top. I haven't brushed it all winter so it took a while--you don't want to pull on the knots.

Then I brushed her mane very well and gave it a light trim to tidy up the uneven edges.

Lastly, I groomed her face and head. 

The entire session took about 1.5 hours but it was so worth it, and the liberal applications of Vetrolin Shine will make it easier to remove any fresh mud she rolls in.

"Stop, no photos please!" (photo courtesy Mary)

"Photos are perfectly okay."

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