Thursday, March 14, 2013

Keeneland's Blue Grass Stakes may shape up to be a great race, and it's tough to leave your horse after colic

My husband and I have another trip to Kentucky planned for April 11-13. No matter how many times we visit Kentucky, I always look forward to the next trip, and at four weeks out, typically I will begin daydreaming about the farms I want to visit and the races we will see.

However, as of yesterday, the idea of leaving home filled me with stomach-churning dread. Since Limerick's colic, I've adopted a very strict routine of hand-walking and feeding her every evening at the same time (8-9pm--the barn staff feed the horses at around 8am and 3:30pm but I always give Limerick a third meal). For past trips to Kentucky, I would ask a fellow boarder to just give her a scoop of grain at night--easy. But my new routine is rather complicated and lengthy, and I was afraid to ask anyone to commit to it for three straight nights.

Yesterday I lamented on Facebook about being scared to leave Limerick behind for our trip. A few people commented that she would be fine, but these comments didn't stop the rolling unease in my stomach. Later, at the barn, a boarder that also has an OTTB and is usually at the barn around the same time as me, stopped me and asked when we were going to Kentucky. I told her and she said that she could walk Limerick for me. "Really?" I said, both amazed and grateful that someone was offering. "Can you feed her, too?" I asked hopefully. Oh sure, absolutely! she said. And I know this woman has seen my semi-complicated beet pulp-soaking, grain top-dressing routine with Limerick's nightly feed. She then added that she's "been there," and I know she was referring to the worried obsession that eats you up after your beloved horse colics. Thanks Maggie, I owe you!

Between having Lim's care secured for our trip and this Blood Horse article about the Blue Grass Stakes (Gr. I) nominees, I am finally beginning to relax a little--just a little--and look forward to our trip. With Daisy Devine entered in the Jenny Wiley Stakes (Gr. 1) and the Blue Grass Stakes looking to be an exciting Kentucky Derby prep, April 13 should be a great day of racing.

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