Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"A well-mannered pogo stick"

Limerick and her 'peeps' this morning.

 That's what Limerick felt like last night when I rode her. It was the first ride in a while and I was expecting some silliness (especially since she's in heat again) but she was great--very well-behaved. She did carry herself in a lofty, springy way as if she, rather than spooking sideways or darting forward, instead expedited her energy by elevating herself above the ground with each step. Hence, my well-mannered pogo stick.

I later realized that yesterday was my 17th anniversary with Limerick, as well as the 17th anniversary of my first fall off her--good thing we didn't celebrate that with a repeat!

I received the results of Lim's ACTH blood test this morning and everything is well within the range of 'normal'--in other words, there's no sign of PPID/Cushings in my girl. I have been discussing her case with the reproductive vet that studied her false pregnancy in 2010 (and by the way, he's presenting her case at a conference soon!) and he had some very interesting, good observations. I'll post about that at a later date.

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