Thursday, January 17, 2013

The hematoma isn't gone, but Miss Lim sure feels good

It's been a little over a month since Lim developed a hematoma and she is finally ready to be ridden again. I've been free-lunging her periodically to monitor her progress. Last night I took her to the indoor arena for another free-lunge session and she told me she is feeling great!

She started out at an easy walk, then moved into a casual trot upon my request. But after a lap of this, she said, "Screw it--I feel awesome!" She threw her tail into a flag, bucked wildly and began running around and around, punctuating her laps around the arena with snorts and bucks (and likely farts, although I couldn't hear them).

I was very surprised and pleased to see this--at this age, she doesn't cut loose if she isn't up to it physically (smart girl) so I knew she truly felt better. The hematoma remains, but is much smaller and cool to the touch. It will eventually disappear, possibly leaving an indent in its place.

I plan to ride her this Saturday--after a month-plus of no riding, she may have a few silly tricks up her sleeve! But that is alright--all that matters is that Miss Lim feels good.

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