Monday, October 22, 2012

Friday was a sick day, so....

...once I felt better, I went over to the barn to visit my husband and Limerick. I arrived at about 3pm, and he was nearly done with work so I followed him around and chatted with him. It was fun and interesting to see him at work! I got a photo of him feeding the pasture horses--in the background you can see the same stormy weather that brought on my migraine that morning.

Limerick is doing well--I had issues with migraines/headaches all week so I took off from riding for the week. I was supposed to have a lesson on Wednesday but didn't feel up to riding with my headache-of-the-day and the nasty winds blowing in (which I knew would mean a spooky Lim), so I asked Christine if we could do some ground work and free-jumping instead. I'd like to jump Lim eventually but haven't done so while she has been barefoot, so I wanted to see how she jumped while I wasn't on her back. She did great--in fact, she over-jumped the 2' fence by two feet at some points. Oy! Well, at least she was comfortable!

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