Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot days at the barn

Limerick enjoying the fan

Hot, hot, hot. That's how things have been lately! I have ridden Limerick a couple times since I last posted about her, but that's all. While she can go like the Energizer Bunny no matter the weather, in this heat I would rather play it safe and keep her comfortable. 

Three horses in my barn aisle alone have been colicky due to heat-related issues. I have been diligent about making sure Limerick has enough water when I go to the barn at night, and check the water buckets of the other horses when I can. I'm thankful for the extra probiotics and peppermint oil I've been giving Miss Lim...knock on wood.

At least the mosquitoes aren't anywhere near as bad as I thought they would be! But then again, it isn't August yet!

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