Monday, January 16, 2012

Okay, maybe no riding this time

No, it isn't Lim--her tootsies are just fine, and sparkling clean thanks to all the turnout time she has in the snow (but maybe not as of tomorrow since all that snow is melting into a muddy mess).

It's me--I came down with a mystery virus sometime late in the week, and awoke Saturday feeling like an invisible python was wrapped around my neck. I was also exhausted, and from past history knew better than to try to ride or go for a run....grumble grumble!

So I stayed inside for most of the weekend.

I am feeling somewhat better today, so I hope to resume running (on the treadmill! I don't think I need to be sucking down cold air right now) tomorrow evening if my health continues on this upward slope. And the ride? Postponed for this weekend.

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