Friday, January 8, 2010

2009: A look back, and 2010: A look forward.

Oh 2009, you were overall a good year, with a few surprise twists.

A year ago I stated that I had three goals for 2009.

1) To show Limerick.
2) To run a marathon.
3) To be published for pay.

Well, I've accomplished a bit more than 2/3 of that.

1) I didn't technically show Limerick, but I did wake up at an absurd hour to take her to a dressage show, keep her in a rented stall, prettify her up, then get home at another absurd hour, all to see how she behaved in a show environment. She got a B-.

Unfortunately, due to increased spookiness on her part and lack of funds on my part, we never actually rode in a show.

2) I was training for a marathon in August but was unable to run it thanks to a klutzy injury. I did, however, more than make up for it by running an ultra-marathon in October.

3) It's not out yet but a piece of mine was accepted to be published! The magazine pays--I don't know how much, but even $10 would be fine! And another piece was just published without pay. Still cool!

So, I got the majority of those goals accomplished, which I'm very happy about.

And the best part of 2009? Limerick had relatively few health issues. Of those she did have, one--the false pregnancy--was simply unusual and interesting.

I was talking to a friend about Lim's false pregnancy a while back and I joked that perhaps Dynaformer, a stud at Three Chimneys Farm, impregnated her from afar when I made her wear a baseball cap with his name on it early in the spring. He agreed that we should not underestimate the potency of the big stallion.

The offending hat.

The stud himself. Tall, dark and handsome--just Lim's type
(excluding the time she 'dated' a Welsh pony: short, dark and handsome).

All kidding aside, do I have any goals for 2010? Yes and no.

I don't have them listed out like last year. Rather, I've decided to adopt a more carefree, spiritual attitude for this year. Breathe and enjoy life!

I found myself far too overwhelmed by stress last year, particularly at the end of the year. As a result I was seriously sick not once but twice, which is unusual for me. Stress is a powerful thing. Don't underestimate it.

As a result of this lesson, I've taken steps to try to ensure that my life is as stress-free as possible.

I hope everyone has a wonderful year!

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