Friday, December 18, 2009

I want to get outside and ride in the snow!

I've been having a lot of good rides on Limerick in the indoor arena. She has been wonderful! She even passed the ultimate test last week: a solitary ride while heavy, wet snow slid off the roof of the indoor arena, over and over and over.

Normally that would mean tension, explosiveness, a frightened horse, and a ride cut short. But with the sheepskin ear puffs, while she did look up at the ceiling a couple times, she remained calm and relaxed, and all it took was my hand on her neck for her to drop her head back down and sigh.

I was nothing short of stunned and amazed. I was so proud of her!

I've always wanted to ride her in the snow but until now I never gave it more than a passing thought. But her wonderful attitude as of late is giving me more and more confidence and I have begun to wait for the perfect moment.

Picture this:

A few inches of snow on the ground, a sunny clear day, the air crisp and cold but without a biting wind.

In those conditions I want to ride her in the outdoor arena a few times, and, from there if she remains good, maybe we will try the trails!

Unfortunately there isn't always snow on the ground, and when there is, about half the time the wind is so harsh that it numbs any exposed skin. And there's the matter of daylight hours--it is completely dark by the time I get out of work, so obviously this will need to be done on the weekends...or perhaps, under a full moon on a cloudless night. Wouldn't that be cool?

I just need to wait for the right moment, and in the meantime continue enjoying the great rides on my wonderful, fuzzy mare!

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Petra said...

as soon as the wind dies down go get out there...just today I had a great trail ride with my gelding, sun was shining, the snow was glistening and making the crunching sounds under my horse's hooves...heaven!!! and it got me totally in the xmas mood...
Merry Xmas!