Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not much new to report

Well, regarding riding anyway. I've only ridden twice--for a grand total of 50 moments--since returning from Pennsylvania. Both times Lim was quite full of herself. After 20 minutes, I cut my first ride short. I decided to get off, remove Lim's tack, and let her buck and gallop in the indoor arena.

I lunged her before the second ride so she didn't feel so much like a pogo stick. But thanks to her uber-alert nerves, I always knew when someone was opening or closing the arena door to my back.

Then the deep freeze settled in. -23 without the wind chill--it was the coldest I ever remember it. It was so cold that I could only bundle Lim up in her layers (shoulder guard, fleece blanket liner, heavy duty turnout blanket) and scurry over to the barn for her dinner, greet her, feed her, kiss her on the nose, and scurry home.

It was so cold that I was resigned to the single treadmill at the tiny apartment complex gym. You know you're unfamiliar with your apartment complex gym when you cannot figure out how to turn on the television and, after ten minutes of scratching your head, are resigned to an ungodly boring 4-mile run on the treadmill...and ten minutes into the run, another apartment dweller walks in and flicks a wall switch to turn on the television.

I had an animal communicator do a reading with Limerick. What Lim had to say was very interesting. I will share what she said tomorrow...or whenever I write on here again. Until then!

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