Thursday, January 22, 2009

Foiled again

Well, my post-Pennsylvania ride time remains at 50 minutes and will until the weekend, most likely. Sometime yesterday, no doubt while out in the pasture, Miss Lim Bean had a nice 2” x 5” chunk of hide scraped off the back of her upper left hind leg. The exposed flesh looks like a dried-up version of Freddy Krueger’s face but the wound is not bleeding, nor did it look like it bled much (if at all), and is very shallow—basically just all the layers of the skin torn right off. There is no swelling but the area is kind of hot.

I slathered on some wound cream and will monitor the heat over the next few days. Yeah, she’ll keep going out…stall rest will do so much more harm than good. Even though I don’t think the wound hurts much (in the dim light of the barn I actually brushed over it before noticing it, and she didn’t even flinch), I know Lim is smart enough to protect that area of her body until it heals.

I took a couple pictures. For you morbid types--sorry, I didn’t get one of the wound before I covered it with cream! But you have a nice idea of the size here.

"Am I cute? Why yes, I am!"

"Being a horse is a dangerous job!"

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