Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The birthday money

Three blog posts in a day! Must be a record. I forgot to note what I spent my birthday money on.

As you may recall, I was going to spend it on a McClellan saddle but unfortunately, it did not fit Lim Bean.

So the cash sat in my wallet for a while. As of Monday morning, it was totally spent. Here's the breakdown:


  1. Panera Bread with a friend - $20

  2. Cab fare to work, day after Labor Day (AKA the Day We Abandoned Sonja at Merlins) - $18

  3. Best Buy, two CDs (Slayer and Ministry*) - $35 (and my husband bought me a Rob Zombie CD to replace my White Zombie Astro-Creep 2000 CD stolen out of his old Saturn may moons ago)

  4. Dave & Busters - $10

  5. Cab fare to work, Monday morning - $17 (plus $1 in quarters!)

*Music, a great topic for another time. But no, I don't listen to metal because it's loud! I love it, as well as punk, but not because it's loud. We went to a Slayer concert a year ago and when the show started, I thought my eardrum (singular, since my right ear is completely gone) was going to explode!

I do also like classical music.

And the Wu Tang Clan!

The aforementioned ear-splitting (but awesome!!) concert.

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