Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The routine of work

Work is going well but I'm finding it hard to make time for writing! I need to try to fit it into my schedule somehow.

Right now, I'm on my last pet sitting job. Due to this, Monday through Thursday is quite a long week for me. After work, I stop at home to change then head to the barn. After a precious hour or so with Limerick, I need to drive 20 minutes to the pet sitting job. There, I need to stay for an hour before driving another 20 minutes back home.

By the time I get home, it is nine o' clock and I'm hungry and exhausted and a little cranky. We go to bed at ten so I hardly have time to make my lunch for work the next day, make some dinner, and spend a little time with my husband.

I accepted the pet sitting job before I was hired so I did not want to back out of it; I am generally one to keep my word. But no more...it is easy when you're not working full-time but otherwise, yeow!

Oh and yes, the pet sitting job means I can't go for a run after the barn, which I enjoy doing.

Anyway, enough griping.

On Thursday morning, the vet is coming out to float Limerick's teeth and do another lameness exam. Lim is better but still not 100% regarding the lameness so we'll see what's going on. Initially the appointment was for 7am but it was bumped up to 7:30. I really hope she arrives on time so we can get everything done before I have to leave for work!

Yes, yes, Thursday will be an extremely long day for me.

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