Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Just a few more days until we leave for Kentucky! Every year, my husband and I go on a trip for our anniversary. We met on July 25th and, three years later, got married on July 26th. We met while on a trip so it's only fitting!

This year we are driving to Lexington and Louisville. We're leaving bright and early Friday morning. Later that afternoon, we'll have a private tour at Three Chimneys Farm, where Smarty Jones stands. I'm very excited about this! We're also going to Pin Oak Stud that afternoon.

The Kentucky Horse Park and Old Friends Equine retirement center are planned for Saturday. Ogygian, the last great son of Damascus, lives at Old Friends. He's pretty much Limerick's uncle! I've heard he's a sweet old boy that you can feed mints and carrots to.

That night, we'll have our anniversary dinner in downtown Lexington.

Claiborne Farm and Adena Springs Farm are next on Sunday, then we will drive to Louisville and visit Churchill Downs on Monday morning before heading back home.

When I cleaned Limerick's stall yesterday, I put her in the outdoor arena so I could keep an eye on her. I caught her galloping about a couple times; I was very pleased to see this. She is slowly but surely gaining weight and is now at the "plumpest" she's been in almost a year. The psyllium, extra hay and grain, wearing her cribbing collar every night, and teeth floating seem to be doing the trick.

She looks lovely and is full of life, it truly makes me so happy to see this.

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Marcie said...

Have a safe trip to Lex! Where are you planning on eating? Dudley's patio is fantastic. It is probably my favorite restaurant, both inside and outside. Malone's Club Room is also a real treat, and Oscar's (the attached bar) has great cocktails.

Glad to know Lim is making a good recovery!