Monday, June 30, 2008

A job!

I know I haven't been updating on Limerick over the past couple days. I have been writing and re-writing her health issues to others in an attempt to seek answers. Understandably, when it comes to this blog, I am worn out.

Long story short, the vet saw Lim again on the 27th. More radiographs were taken. She definitely has laminitis, although it is still mild. Rads show a black line of laminar separation along her hoof wall; we are monitoring this closely. Resectioning will be done if necessary but let's pray it doesn't come to that.

For the non-horsey folks, a resectioning is when the vet removes a portion of the hoof wall, and the dead laminae beneath it, to reveal healthy laminae. The horse's foot is then bandaged and wrapped, often with a sort of cushion beneath the hoof for support. When Limerick foundered in 2002, around 75% of her hoof wall was resectioned and quite frankly, it was traumatizing for me to see her foot like that.

The vet also did a bladder ultrasound and checked Lim's teeth. Crystals were found in her bladder--not necessarily a bad thing but I need to try to get an urine sample from Lim tomorrow morning before we haul her to Morrie Waud Equine Center. Her teeth are not horrible but could use a floating.

I have been extremely anxious about the trip tomorrow. I have been unable to eat properly for days, and today is the worst. I ate a banana earlier and felt like I was going to throw up. Fortunately, I had the right mind to buy liquid-based foods yesterday at Jewel and have been drinking these. They help some.

As my aunt told me, it is the "unknown" that is agitating me so.

On a much happier note, do you remember the job I had to go interview for before the vet was done with Limerick on the 25th? They offered me the position! The salary is $1k/year higher than my previous salary, so that combined with the lower rent and utility bills of my new apartment is very nice! I need it, badly, with all these vet bills coming up.

The position is as a Report Coordinator with a company that tests particles. I will be compiling reports of the results of these tests, and I will also be doing some marketing-related writing for the company in the future. It's such a good feeling to be putting my writing degree to work! The company is very small--17 people--with a lot of growth headed their way. Everyone there is very nice and the office atmosphere was friendly, supportive, and laid-back. After the harsh working environment of my old employer, which actually made me physically ill, it is a sweet change.

I have a third interview with another company on Monday. I will go but I think my heart is set on the first job.

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