Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Feral cat shelter for the barn

The barn has three cats and one--Max--is feral. I try to ensure all the cats are in the tack room/kitchen area each night but due his nature, it is sometimes difficult to bring Max inside. In the past, when left outside at night, Max had access a dry, warm-ish place for shelter. But this area is no longer accessible. So I decided to make him a feral cat shelter.

The shelter will be placed off the floor in the garage, which is accessible by all the cats when they're outside.

1" insulating foam ($15, Walmart) and a polyfleece throw ($3, Walmart). Not pictured: a 20-gallon plastic bin ($7, Home Depot).

I lined the walls of the plastic bin with the foam and secured it with duct tape.

The lid of the plastic bin was also lined in foam.

For extra comfort, I cut the polyfleece throw in half and lined the walls of the bin with one section.

Two layers of foam insulate the floor of the bin.

The second section of the polyfleece throw went on top of the foam-lined floor.

The (near) finished product. It just needs catnip and straw (for extra insulation).

Brewsky gave the bin his seal of approval.

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