Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Horse Racing Nation: Shadwell Turf Mile Day in Photos, Part I: The Wise Dan Experience

In looking upon Wise Dan, the senses freeze in startling admiration of his deep shoulders, chestnut sweeps of muscle, and focused no-nonsense attitude. It is not until later, after the haze of time cloaks the experience, that you are able to speak clearly of witnessing the great horse.

Seeing Wise Dan is indeed an experience, and this has been particularly true since his recovery from abdominal surgery in May this year. That the gelding made it back to the races at all is cause for celebration. Yet he has gone above and beyond by winning in ferocious style, having lost none of his competitive fire. If anything, enduring surgery seems to have have lent him more spark.

Two-time Horse of the Year, colic surgery survivor, and lasting legend--that's Wise Dan.

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