Thursday, August 7, 2014

My POV when feeding Limerick and a riding update.

Here's a brief video showing my point-of-view when I feed Limerick in the evening. There's not much more I enjoy seeing than her lovely face demanding dinner!

This week marks the first time I've begun to feel a real difference in her fitness under saddle. She can trot for a prolonged period and although we need to work on the canter, she picks it up easily when asked and can carry herself nicely for at least two laps around the arena, each way.

I take extra care to listen to what she's telling me. She tries hard for me so when she tells me, "Hey, I'm getting tired," then I let her take a break rather than pushing her for one more lap. I know she appreciates it and in turn she rewards me in return by continuing to give me her best. We may not be jumping cross-country courses or competing in a dressage arena but what we have is the foundation of a great relationship between a horse and her rider, and it's a wonderful feeling.

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