Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As horse owners, we can morph into horse nurses with little notice.

After application of my equine nursing skills. The before photos are below (and somewhat gory).

And I had to do just that yesterday evening. My barn owner let me know via text that the guy working at the barn said Limerick had a "bad cut" on one leg and it's not an "emergency" but definitely needs attention. He also said she wasn't lame and was eating her hay like normal. Nonetheless, I had so many scenarios running through my head.

When I arrived at the barn 1.5 hours later, Limerick was bright and alert. The damage to her leg was immediately obvious, but I was relieved to find that it was a case of "looks worse than it really is". After a few moments of cold-hosing, the wound's true form emerged as nothing more than a brutal scrape.

Endless globs of Neosporin, a large wound pad, VetRap and masking tape later, Lim's leg was nicely bandaged. As she had no heat, swelling, or lameness and the wound was not near a joint, I am optimistic about a quick recovery. Fingers crossed.

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