Friday, September 28, 2012

A special treat, and my husband's first week of work

A co-worker gave me some carrots from her garden yesterday--the garden partly fertilized by Lim's manure! Circle of life and all that. So I made a little arrangement for Lim for dinner last night--sliced carrots, apples and grain on a bed of carrot top greens. She loved it!

My husband has completed his first week of work at the barn. The verdict so far is that the work is hard--and boy is he sore!--but he does enjoy it. He likes being around the horses, and enjoys the super-short commute and shorter workdays than what he's accustomed to. I told him that his body will eventually catch up to the workload and it will breeze by much more easily.

He cleaned Limerick's stall the morning the above photos were taken!

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