Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update on Limerick's chest

Her chest is doing great! The stitches came out on Friday, and there is now a small wound. It was about the size of a quarter on Friday (see photo) but is now the size of a nickel and getting ever smaller. I don't do anything other than spray scarlet oil on it once a day. She is also thankfully done with SMZs.

She was allowed in turnout on Saturday but overdid it (sigh) and came up lame, with a clearly inflamed extensor tendon on her LF. I wrapped her leg in a pillow standing wrap and gave her bute, with instructions for no turnout on Sunday. Sunday she was 99% better. What gives?

They say things come in threes, so perhaps that was number three. Gas colic, chest wound, minor tendon injury. Who knows--I am just glad she is okay now.

On Monday I was hand-grazing Limerick down at the grazing strip when a cop pulled someone over on the road in front of the property. You could see this from where we stood, and Limerick was quite alarmed by it, although I could hear nothing connected to the situation. She would held her head high, bits of grass sticking out of her mouth. After a moment she would throw her head down for a quick bite before lifting it high again to survey the scene. Finally she said phhhbbtttt! And with that, resumed grazing as if nothing unusual was happening. It cracked me up!

We stayed down there long enough to witness the same cop let car #1 go, do a U-turn back to his/her hiding spot, then pull a second a car over several moments later. Car #2 being pulled over was old hat to Lim, and she didn't pay it much mind.

Yesterday (Tuesday) she looked so good--her coat was aglow and her dapples are blooming more than ever. How can one horse appear so different from one day to the next? I had to wave a peppermint around and get a photo of her. Here she says, "Mom, are you going to give me that anytime soon?"

I love my girl!

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