Friday, November 12, 2010

A training plan for Limerick

I'm finally back to riding Limerick regularly (I took some time off after running an epic distance). She is doing very, very well, and it's clear that she is eager to please me while under saddle.

Since I am a self-coached runner, I always write up a training plan for myself. Seeing a plan on paper ensures that I stick to it, which of course will produce better results at the race.

In Limerick's case, while I don't have any goals to show her (maybe someday, but not now, nor in the immediate future), I do have a goal of being able to ride a jumping course of decent height--a couple feet or so--on her at least a couple times a month.

Naturally, getting her there will take some conditioning. So I decided to write out a plan for her, just like I would myself! This plan is much more flexible than the complex tables and charts I make for my running, but it's a good start and will hopefully put me on the path to jumping courses again.



1-2 Rides Easy/light collection/trail


1 Ride Dressage

(Individual moves, tests or exercises)

1 Ride Jumping

(poles, individual jumps, courses, or grids)

MONTHLY (from scratch)

1st Month – Build endurance/rhythm/focus,

no jumping fences, pole grids

2nd Month – Small jumps/grids, heightened collection and

dressage exercises

3rd Month – Courses/grids with small jumps,

increasingly complex dressage moves

4th Month – Medium (2.5ft) jumps,

1st level dressage tests and up



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