Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Limerick!

Today Limerick is legally allowed to vote, buy cigarettes, and--in certain states--get tattooed (although she cheated this law long ago).

Today she is 18 years old!

Once upon a time, I thought 18 was old for a horse. But looking at Lim, I don't think that way anymore. Just like some 50-year-old people look much younger than they really are, the same can apply to horses.

And she really, truly looks good. Every time I see her, I can't get over what a transformation she has gone through between now and last year. She hasn't looked this good for over a decade--if ever.

However, as she becomes older, a part of me becomes more fearful for her health. Just like with older people, older horses are more prone to a wide variety of health issues. Her tough physical journey of last year still has me on edge, and I am ever watchful of how much she poops (and how it looks), how much she pees (and ditto), how much water she drinks, whether she finishes all her feed, how she is eating, how her body condition looks, and etcetera, etcetera.

The older she gets, the more motivated I am to pay off my debt so I can begin saving for a horse farm. Unfortunately my stint of unemployment last year has really knocked me back in my plans but I think that with dedication and determination, I can be debt-free again within a couple years and begin saving.

In the meantime, Limerick, stay healthy! Happy birthday!

Lim earlier this week, sporting a braid and flower
(done by my husband!)

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Stephanie said...

you would never know that Limerick is 18!! Hope she keeps having really great years!
Happy Birthday to her!