Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It has started

Up until now, Lim has been pretty good with the weather changes.

Sure, there was Saturday, but that was a fluke.

(Despite the stinging wind and temperatures--without the wind chill, mind you--in the low 30's, I decided to try riding in the outdoor arena on Saturday. Lim was so full of herself that she kept shaking her head from side to side like a frisky Thoroughbred in the paddock before a race, and gone was her lovely forward propulsion! In its place was the odd sensation of riding a 4-pegged pogo stick. After 17 minutes of walking and "please PLEASE don't let the pasture horses come galloping up right now!" trotting, I decided to get off before she pitched me into the slop.)

On Sunday we rode in the indoor arena and Lim was back to her old self.

Last night I put Lim on the crossties and took her light sheet off. She gestured at her shoulder and I scratched her shoulders and withers. Her eyes bugged and she poked her upper lip out and stretched her neck and bobbed her head up and down.

Ohh that feels good!!!

When I was done she remained bug-eyed. She had spotted her sheet, which I had put in the corner on the aisle floor.

What's that?! she snorted.

I moved the sheet with my foot, hoping its muddy nylon rustled enough to sound familiar to Lim. One of the belly bands fell off the top of the sheet and lay splayed out towards Lim. It was a tentacle reaching for her!

"It's just your sheet, silly!"! It looks different! she snorted. She eyed the "tentacle" suspiciously. Snort!

"Here, see?" I picked the sheet up and held it to her. She sniffed. Her nostrils stopped blowing but she remained bug-eyed and on alert.

It's a monster!

My ride tonight might be fun.

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