Sunday, August 24, 2008

I know, I know...

I've been neglecting the blog lately. Sorry! I've been very busy lately.

Limerick is as good as ever. I ride her 3-4 times a week. We're still taking it pretty easy.

I have vet bills totaling $1,900 to pay! Unfortunately, I'm having some issues. We were originally told by the vet's secretary that they take Care Credit. Guess what? Turns out the secretary made an oops and they don't. By the time I found out, I had already laid out financial plans to pay off the vet bills through Care Credit.

Now I need to use my regular credit card, which already has debt-o-plenty from my months of unemployment. Since the 0% APR expires in October, I want to apply for a new credit card with a 0% APR and roll over the balance, then use the new card to pay for the vet bills.

Well, I applied for a new card and the credit limit I was given is way too low, despite a good credit score and blah blah. Maybe they know I didn't work for oh, more than half a year? When the new card comes, I'll ask my husband to ask for a higher limit when he calls to activate the card.

When you're deaf, calling to activate a credit card is a real treat. I need to say "Yes" approximately two times, then my social security number, and sometimes my mother's maiden name (or some other pre-determined "special word"). I never get over how odd it feels speaking into the phone, never knowing whether the person on the other end understands me or not. And of course, I can't understand them!

My birthday was on the 22nd. Since I'm now at the elderly age of 28, my birthday treat to myself was to run out and purchase anti-wrinkle cream the weekend before. It now replaces the anti-acne cream I was previously using. You'd expect a transition period with some mild Dove cream or something there, wouldn't you? Oh well!

I just may buy a McClellan saddle with birthday money, too...but we'll see if it fits Limerick first!

"Use that money to pay off your vet bills!" some of you may scold. Yeah, a hundred will put a significant dent into that! No, no, I'm not using gift money to pay off debt. I never buy anything fun anymore, I'm so broke it's not funny. Even if I do manage to squeeze extra money out of my monthly budget, it usually goes into the animals or something the apartment desperately needs (good example--next weekend a rickety try-to-assemble-it-yourself-and-end-up-with-a-crapola-piece-of-furniture-and-a-pounding-migraine bookcase shall be purchased from Ikea because I am tired of seeing books double and even triple stacked atop each other on my old bookcases).

Speaking of which, for a birthday treat my husband took me to Sephora, the greatest makeup store on Earth. Makeup is a secret love of mine, and I have a traincase full of makeup that would make your average woman swoon. But I have not purchased any, other than a replacement tube of mascara, since February. Oh Sephora! Once visited twice yearly, I have all but abandoned you and your $25 bronzers and $17 sticks of eyeliner. So many thanks to my lovely husband for all but insisting I get something for myself just this once.

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